Thank You Care Star! You're the Best! (Must Read)

Posted on 4/3/2016
Care Star
This story was submitted by a user on 4/3/2016.

Who's the Care Star:
Leon Key

Job title, unit, or floor:
Auto Store Worker

Place of employment:
Lakeland, FL
Business type: Auto Parts Store

The Care Star exceeded expectations by:
While on vacation (at a Detroit Tigers Spring Training Game), my engine light came on. I went to the nearest Autozone (half a mile away) and in no time was immediately greeted by a very helpful Leon. He immediately checked the code on the car and took me in the store to find the necessary items to fix it. He also told me what some other possibilities could be in the event it occurred again and where the closest dealership was. He put me at ease and helped me to feel empowered to take care of it so we could get home safely. The light went off and we were back on the road enjoying our vacation again. Thank you Leon! We really appreciated your help.

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